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June 13, 2013
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Pyro's Wings (Deu) by Maximwolf Pyro's Wings (Deu) by Maximwolf
More practice aka "character bonding" with anatomy.

Harris' Hawks are common used in Falconry. Especially in Ireland. They help keep rabbits other rodents and pests off the castle grounds.
They can fly real low over the ground and they hunt in packs, not solitary like other birds of prey.
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I would think the wings would be a little higher on the back... and where they come out, a little thinner... This is very good, but that's my opinion on wings...
Maximwolf Jun 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Nein. Sorry, but you're misinformed. If you think about it like that it would not make sense anatomically. Wings are like an extra pair of limbs. The limbs you and I have now on our bodies, what do they need to move and function? Scapulae, humrous,radius and ulna, the carpus, bicep, tricep, the other muscles in the arm, all the tendons,etc.

Same basic principle with the wing. Since your scapulae are already where you thought the wings would go, there's no place for the scapulae of the wings. You cannot flap. You cannot share the scapulae (there's not enough room) and you cannot simply move them with muscle. It would be too painful on your upper back and neck.

Plus if you tried to fly your shoulders would be in the way.

You cannot simply attach bird wings to a human body, you must think of the science and engineering behind it all.
Also the wings would not be thinner where they would come out, because there are very important feather groups there.

What I'm trying to say is, you would not put an extra pair of limbs where you already had a pair, would you.

If it helps any better, I plan on submitting more about human avian anatomy on here anyways. ^^
Well I didn't really say that but okie...

Yeah, I'll have to look at those... That's just how I've usually seen them in pictures and drawings, so that's why...
Maximwolf Jun 15, 2013  Student General Artist
I know. Those are very common. ^^
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