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WARNUNG: I am not a psychologist nor an expert. I've only the studied general psychology. This is all mainly speculation combined with research. All art belongs to its respectful owners.
[FS] Maximum Ride by pooka-prince
Fang by ProdigalIchthusThe Angel Experiment by IAmEmilyKMaximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Movie Poster by IAmEmilyKFight or Flight by IAmEmilyK

I think when most of us were reading the books, we were all amazed at just how well Max and her Flock were adapted to society despite all the horrors they had been through.
You'd think that these mutant kids would act a bit more strangely in public. Especially at school. They seemed well behaved (for the most part). Yet the only psychological problems Max's flock experience would be paranoia, trouble with authority (which isn't unusual for a kid/teenager LOL), a phobia of all things medical related, night terrors and perhaps some Insomnia and PTSD.

I mean think about it. Imagine it to the best of your ability. You're a human child experiment. The experiments are incredibly inhuman, invasive and painful as hell. Some are even to the point of monstrous. Your capters make you feel worthless; you are worse than dirt, than feces; they dehumanize you, you have no sense of identity, no value, nothing! You are no different than a lab frog ready for dissection. Also keep in mind that will have reminders all over your body from your past and you will never be thought of as normal ever again, regardless if you manage to escape Hell or not.

So why does it seem like the kids in Max Ride have such an "easy" time with life??????

First off, they really don't. I've already mentioned the problems they experience with themselves in the series. Even though James Patterson didn't put a bigger emphasis on these facts through out character development, he at least did his research.

We also have to keep in mind that the kids didn't stay their ENTIRE lives in that sterilized Hell hole. Jeb Batchelder got them out of there and for a while he gave them a safe Haven. Jeb gave back their Humanity in a sense. He taught them the right things. He became their parent to teach them "right" from "wrong". So if we look back on it, Max and the others were the lucky ones compared to other kids who could have escaped (i.e. The Other Flock/Ascending). And though Angel was far too young (an infant at the least) to remember being experimented on, she turns out to be the most psychotic of them all. Go figure.

And that concludes my review of the psychological aspect of the Maximum Ride series.

Your thoughts?

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-Maxim Wolf :iconmaximwolf:


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Maxim "goddess of War" Wolf
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I'm a student of Art. Majoring in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Printing and 2D. I was accepted into SCAD in 2012, but financial things happened and I wasn't able to go. Currently working on my own manga trilogy known as Ascending, Descending and Fallen Angel. My art style has been majorly influenced by the detail of Japanese manga/anime; preferably by the creators of Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain and Black Lagoon and the classic detail of the 90's, as well as realism and observation of my own body.I have a "thing" for being anatomically correct.

I'm a proud German, so I'm stubborn as all get out, but I'm still polite about it. My appearance, I'm basically APH FemGermany in the flesh. I've also been told I look like Keira Knightly. I'm left-handed. Also I'm a Christian. If you don't like that, good, it means I'm doing my job right.

My career goals: Turn Maximum Ride into an epic anime (my style) sticking to the first 3 books, as well as animating Fang's Blog as shorts. Plans to animate the Ascending trilogy to go "wing in wing" with Maximum Ride. (If you're wondering, Ascending is NOT a fan fic is a Retcon . Don't make me slap you.) I guess i'd like to get into voice acting. I also want to turn the Bible into a huge animated series, but it'll be geared more towards adults cuz it's THAT graphic. It's like rated R.

Likes: pretty scenery especially mountains, Asian cuisine, flying, cute things, anime/conventions and a toned body

Dislikes: Idiots (in charge), Nazis, pink, ice in my drink unless it's water then we're cool.

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